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Wsdot Master Pricing Agreement

TRAC monitors all WSDOT budgets, unless otherwise specified in the agreement. Device purchases must be approved by WSDOT, either as items in the ad budget or through a subsequent email to Julie Angeley requesting approval. The TRAC requires a copy of all pay dates when TRAC projects are billed. WSDOT requires approval for all out-of-state travel before the trip takes place and in addition to the project contract, unless the trip is expressly stated in the contract with the date, destination and cost per trip. Here`s how to apply for a WSDOT treaty extension: Non-state cities bordering Washington (except Canada) do not require a WSDOT permit. A travel expense spreadsheet must be completed electronically or manually. Contact Lan Yu (206.543.3337) to receive the form, then return the completed form (MS 354802) with the attached receipts. In the email application, indicate the destination, date of travel, name of the traveller, an explanation of how the trip supports research, and a list of travel expenses (including fare, meals, accommodation, conference expenses, and miscellaneous travel expenses). Copies of timesheets for TRAC budgets should be sent to TRAC. The work of TRAC is governed by two treaties: the WSDOT Framework Agreement (pdf) and an Interagency Agreement (pdf). If a researcher works in a UW department other than civil engineering or electrical engineering, the TRAC Budget Coordinator requests electronic access to the project`s financial information (including payroll) to monitor the project. TRAC projects funded by WSDOT are subject to guidelines established by the State of Washington.

Below are guidelines for the following research management functions: Applications for permission to travel outside the state must be submitted to Lan Yu at TRAC via email. Requests for budget expansion (with or without increased funding), additions and revisions must be approved by WSDOT through TRAC. The permit application must be signed by a representative of the university. Budgets Payroll MaterialsRun-time completion failuresTravelWSDOT Equipment purchased as part of a WSDOT project is part of WSDOT. Once the project is complete, the equipment can be assigned to UW or non-UW research, subject to WSDOT approval via TRAC. At this point, the change is complete and exists. .

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