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What Is A Cox Service Agreement

Cox offers subscribers a number of plans based on internet use and activity. Subscribers should read the subscription agreement carefully to ensure compliance with the terms of use. Cox high-speed Internet subscribers are not permitted to engage in activities that violate federal, regional or other laws. Subscribers may not resell Cox`s broadband services or engage in commercial activities under a residential subscription contract. Cox also has data storage, bandwidth and messaging restrictions for all of its high-speed Internet plans. Hacking or attempting unauthorized access to a system with Cox`s high-speed Internet service can lead to the termination of the subscription contract. Remember that you might have the biggest excuse in the world, and customer service staff can always be bound by Cox Communications guidelines to insist that you keep their services. They will probably offer you discounts, special promotions and incentives to make your decision. Digging up your ISP can be a frustrating experience. Whether you want to get rid of all your Cox services completely or just negotiate a lower monthly rate, these tips and tricks should make the overall experience much less painful. Includes monthly and discounts, one-time fees and activation fees. Prices do not include taxes, fees and surcharges. Excludes fees for subscriber services.

On your bill, the user fee can be displayed if you change the service before the billing cycle is complete. Unbilled fees are not shown here. Prices and/or, if applicable, contracts may differ from prices presented here due to existing customer prices and/or contract updates. All prices and packages can change. While these are simple truths from the cable TV and internet industry, that doesn`t mean you`ll have to sign up with a provider without knowing what you`re getting into. We are here to inform you of all the costs you can bear if Cox Communications is your supplier. Your service contract has a 24-month period. You can terminate your contract within 30 days of the start date of the contract to avoid early termination fees (ETFs) by calling Cox Customer Care at the number on your bill. You will then be charged up to $240 if you terminate the contract or if the TV, Internet or basic phone are separated.

You can change other services, functions and equipment without compromising your consent. The full text of the service agreement is cox.com under the guidelines. Please read it carefully. Contact Cox Customer Care by phone if you have any questions or want to change your account. Registration for Easy Pay is required; Details and conditions can be found in cox.com/autopay. Note: Most promotional prices cannot be combined with promotional prices for other services. The standard rate for this service may apply if another advertising service is added to your shopping cart. The offer expires on 28.09.2020 and is available to new private customers in Cox service areas. The offer is available only for new subscriptions to Cox Contour Tv Ultimate with HBO®, Cinemax®, Showtime® and Starz®, Internet service and Digital Telephone Premier. The bundle rate increases by $20/month for months 13-24.

After the action phase, regular rates apply. Prices are included with no additional equipment charges, domestic connection fees, additional outlets, taxes, surcharges (including video streaming surcharge ($13.50/m.) and regional sports supplements ($8.25/m., depending on cox`s market) and other fees. Not all services and features are available everywhere. A credit quality check and/or down payment may be required. Offer not combined with other product offerings. Just online orders. Other restrictions may apply. Ask the conservation representative to check that your Internet service has been completely interrupted.

It is also advisable to ask if there is any equipment that needs to be returned. The advertised price includes a monthly service fee, with no

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