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Valero Credit Agreement

On March 31, Valero had $2.7 billion in cash and $3.95 billion for a $4.05 billion unsecured revolving credit facility and $109 million for a $150 million unsecured Canadian revolving credit facility, maturing in March 2024 and November 2019, respectively. At the end of March, $1.2 billion below the $1.3 billion lending capacity was also available for the company`s debt sale facility, which matures in July 2019.We believe Valero`s liquidity is excellent compared to short-term debt maturities. As of March 31, the company reported long-term debt of $9.1 billion and short-term debt of $1.1 billion. The next significant maturity of the long-term debt is $850 million, which will mature in 2020. The remaining maturities of the priority bonds are spread from 2025 to 2045, with the company`s $300 million of bonds having benefited from revenue maturing in 2040. Rule 17g-7(a) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 requires that certain information be made when a rating action is taken. In this context, a credit rating measure is considered to be (1) the publication of an expected or provisional credit rating assigned to a debtor or security prior to the publication of an initial rating; (2) a first classification; (3) a downgrade or downgrade of an existing rating; and (4) confirmation or withdrawal of an existing rating if the confirmation or withdrawal results from a review of the rating assigned to the debtor or security, using the applicable procedures and methods of the company`s securities to determine credit ratings.

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