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Bigstock License Agreement

Refers to licenses that allow a single person to download the image to their computer. Multi-seat licenses allow a number of people (usually 3 – 5) to upload the image – useful for agencies with multiple designers working on a single project. These are the two restrictions often found in licensing agreements, which can be accidentally violated without due diligence. To avoid these mistakes. b) whether you should purchase a separate license under your company name so that you can use the original image files later; And there is another one. Look at their simple licensing instructions. Thank you, Susan! I also have a GraphicStock license and have always been a little confused about the exact uses that are allowed under their license. Sites like iStockPhoto offer an extended or extended license for an additional fee that gives you more freedom when using an image. Always check your customer`s intentions to determine which license you want to buy. Unfortunately, licensing agreements, like many legal documents, can be virtually indecipherable to the average reader. What further complicates matters is that terms often vary from place to place. What is the difference between a regular license and an extended license? What is a "licensee factory" and what is a multi-seat license? This license is for the owner of the site, NOT THE PLR SELLER! So I can go to BigStock and buy the photo of my choice and post it on my blog. ONCE.

I can`t use it again and again without buying another license. That`s right. the photographer is trying to get an income. Don`t steal them. .

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